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The crowns are made of non-toxic polycarbonate. This plastic is due to its molecule structure extremely un-susceptible, even to the strain of important temperature changes and other physical or chemical influences.

These very flexible and thin crowns can be cut,
formed, bent and pressed without breaking or ripping.

They form stable compounds with all acrylates and ZnO-tooth cements.

Further these polycarbonate crowns are superior because of their good cervical fit, precise anatomy and shade stability.

For more information about our polycarbonate crowns - see Leaflet/Certificate

No. 2190Anteriors and Premolars ass. box of 180 crowns, without mould guides.
No. 2195Anteriors and Premolars ass. box of 180 crowns, with mould guides.
No. 2198Anteriors and Premolars ass. box of 360 crowns, with mould guides.
No. 2215Refill box of 5 crowns of any mould.
No. 2220Loose crowns in bulk, min. 100 pcs/each mould.


No. 2200


Rib with 7 crowns Upper Central, Right or Left

No. 2205Rib with 6 crowns Upper Laterals, Right or Left
No. 2201Rib with 7 crowns Upper Cuspids, Right or Left
No. 2211Rib with 5 crowns Lower Anteriors, Long (L) or Short (S)
No. 2210Rib with 5 crowns Bicuspids, Large (L) or small (S)